5 Ways To Generate Leads Online

Lead Capture Page Method #1.  Traffic Exchanges.

Traffic Exchanges were all the rage a few years ago.  They did work extremely well at bringing visitors to your site.  Now with the introduction of so many auto-hitters it’s tough to see a response promoting with many of the traffic exchanges now.  There are way too many people promoting identical affiliate sites.  People just click away like zombies.   Promoting a lead capture page with the manual traffic exchanges can work ok for a few different reasons.

1.  Your lead capture page is unique.  MOST of the people using traffic exchanges are promoting their company issued affiliate sites.  You may see 50 or 60 of those same sites in a given week.  After that much repetition your not even paying attention to them anymore.

2.  Your entire lead capture page can be read in between 15-60 seconds.  This is usually the timer that is set on most manual exchanges.  This provides a huge benefit over your competition.  It may take someone 20-30 minutes to completely read through most affiliate sites.

3.  The course of action for the visitor is very simple!  If they want more info they need to just type in their contact information.

*Note - This is a great online advertising method if you don’t have any budget to get started.  This method only consumes your time.  It WILL generate leads but not always of the highest quality.  If you are promoting an entirely Internet based program then this method tends to work a little bit better.

Lead Capture Page Method #2.  Pay-Per-Click.

Pay-Per-Click advertising can be a very cost effective method at generating traffic for a lead capture page.  Pay-Per-Click advertising is just as it sounds.  You pay for each click they deliver to you.  This is usually quite cheap starting at only $.01 per click with many different places.  Others like Google will charge a minimum $.05 per click.  With PPC advertising you need to create a list of keywords and phrases that are closely related to your site or product.  You would enter these into your PPC account.  Then depending on the amount you had bid for each keyword your ad will be displayed through their network anytime someone searches your term.

Some phrases and keywords can be very competitive and really tough to get into with a small budget.  However, with that being said this method can be very effective because your reaching people at the exact moment that they are looking for your product or keywords.

Lead Capture Page Method #3.  Content Networks

Search engines like Google allow private webmasters to serve advertising on their websites.  Google can spider a website and determine exactly what kind of ads to run to match the content.  This is GREAT for MLM Lead Generation.  You can have your ad displayed on potentially hundreds of websites related to home business opportunities, network marketing etc..  As you are surfing the web looking for information about building your business pay close attention to the websites that you visit.  Are they serving Google or Yahoo ads?

If so, keep note of their URL and save it for later.  In fact if you look closely at my own site you’ll find Google ads placed throughout my article pages.  It’s a great way to earn a little extra revenue from my traffic.

Lead Capture Page Method #4.  3rd Party Websites

Here’s another quick and easy method to getting your website advertised online.  I suggest going to Google and doing some searches for keywords related to your market… (start a home business, network marketing information, Home based businesses etc…) Look at the sites that are ranked in the top 10 for the respective keywords… More often then not the webmasters realize their traffic is a commodity and will be selling their own advertising space.  They may be banner ads, text ads, sponsor links, newsletter ads, ezine ads, etc… (If they run Google Adsense ads note their URL it could come in handy later :) Most of them have lots of advertising options.

When you pick these highly ranked sites you can bet that if YOU found them under a keyword string containing “start a home business” that 1000’s of other people are finding them under those searches too. This is targeted traffic.  The strategy above is a fast and easy way to piggy back your way into the search engines letting someone else do all the work for you.
Lead Capture Page Method #5.   Forum Posting.  Free & It Works.

Forum posting is definitely time consuming but has proven itself as one of the most effective free methods of generating real targeted traffic to a site.  It’s as easy as finding a forum or discussion board related to your industry and then start contributing to the discussions.  There are several for the MLM/Network Marketing industry.  When joining the forums please pay careful attention to your signature file.  In most cases this is the only way you can advertise.  A signature file is just a blurb that you create that will be at the tail of every one of your posts.  You can include your website URL as well.  Add to conversations whenever you can or just start asking questions.   The amount of traffic will not be staggering if you only post in one forum.  Become active in a few different forums and be sure to read the posting rules.  Before you start to post.

To Our Success!
Carl Sorensen