Build Squeeze Pages Really Fast

Squeeze Page Examples

You can build fantastic looking squeeze pages really fast with our new quick builder feature. Squeeze Pages are helping marketers, business owners, and large corporations collect your name and email address (and sometimes more) whenever you respond to one of their offers and provide it.  Squeeze pages are an essential marketing tool if you want to generate leads using the Internet and other advertising opportunities.

Getting a targeted Squeeze Page up for your specific offer is simple with the EZLeadCapture system and you can do this a number of ways within the system depending on your technical abilities.

#1.  Easiest Method: (beginners)

You build your squeeze page in our system using our “Quick Squeeze Page Builder” and have your page running in less than 5 minutes.  You would then forward and mask your own domain name to the URL our system assigned to you.  This method works for many of our customers just fine.

#2.  Host On Your Own Server: (more advanced – you need a hosting account)

This method also involves building your squeeze pages with our quick page builder and but then instead of forwarding a domain name you can actually upload the finished page to your own hosting account so it can become a part of your current website. eg  If this doesn’t make sense to you, that’s OK.  The people who understand this feature will love how flexible this system is for more advanced users.

#3.  Build Your Own Squeeze Pages: (more advanced – you need basic design skills)

Using our system you can build your own pages from scratch, or import your own designs, or even build and host your own lead capture page using your favorite design software and then just use our pretty contact form builder to add a really sweet lead capture mechanism and autoresponder followup sequence without setting up several different services or putting strain on your own hosting account.

[box color=”blue-vibrant” type=”square” icon=”clock”]It’s all about speed of implementation and with EZLeadCapture there are several ways to set yourself up with professional looking squeeze pages without all of the professional sized fees![/box]

Here’s How To Quickly Build Your Squeeze Page


Step #1:

build your squeeze page

The first step is to create a name for your page within the system.  This is for your reference only.  After we’ve named the page we can then make a URL within the EZLeadCapture system.  Most of our customers will forward their own domain name to their EZLeadCapture page url and our more tech savvy customers often host the pages on their own server as well.

Step #2:

Squeeze Page Templates

The second step is to choose your page template.  In our Quick Builder system we currently have 12 different stylish layouts that can then be customized even further to work for almost ANY niche, industry or product and you’ll see how in the next step.

Step #3:
Squeeze Page Backgrounds

Once you’ve chosen a template we can then choose a full size background image (a very popular design trend in 2013) or we can use a nice pattern or texture.  The full size background images are a great way to immediately tell you visitor what your page is about without using text!  A picture is worth 1000 words and in this instance it rings true.  Using the large full size images for backgrounds enables you to quickly send a message to your potential prospect about your offer and what it’s about.  You can make a page with nothing more than a headline, sub headline, video and a contact form.  Choosing the right background image will tell your visitors what the offer is about!

Our database of images and textures grows on a weekly basis and we’ve got backgrounds suitable for real estate agents, home business owners, MLM distributors, direct sales agents, small business owners and sales professionals of any kind.  If you don’t find the background for your niche or product you can also upload your own photos too!

Step #4:

Adding Video To Squeeze Page

This is an optional step (and something you should be doing!).  EZLeadCapture makes it simple to add your videos into the system.  We even give you a few preset options along with some very sleek custom players to give your squeeze pages a very professional look.  Once you’ve loaded a video into the system it can be insert into ANY page in your account by using our simple {quicktags} feature.  This feature really kicks butt when you’re making several squeeze pages for the same offer and need to re-use the video over and over.  This makes it very quick.

Step #5.

Squeeze Page Editor

Now you have the ability to make any edits or text additions to your page.  It might be a simple bulleted list of features, or maybe you’d like to write a small sales letter, these templates will grow with your content.  We even have an image library with more than 1000 professionally product marketing graphics with various messages, calls-to-actions, guarantees and more.  We’ve even interfaced with Pixlr a well known online graphics editor so you can do minor customization to the squeeze page graphics as well.

Step #6.

squeeze page form builder

We’ve made it super simple to setup your basic questionnaire or lead capture form on your squeeze page.  Simply tick off the boxes for the questions you’d like to ask and the system will automatically set this up and insert it into the page.  You can always customize the questions further bv adding/editing or removing them later as well.

Step #7.

Squeeze Page Confirmation or Thank You Page Builder

Your thank you page is the final step in the process.  This is the page your visitors will land on after they have submitted their information to your squeeze page.  With EZLeadCapture we give you the choice of 3 different Thank You page setups.  You can redirect them to a static HTML page like the one pictured above (you can edit the content) or you can have them redirected to a website URL of your choice (maybe a presentation or company produced video?) and finally you have the option of setting up a download page in case you’re giving away a free report or white paper.

Recap on Thank You Page Setups:

  • HTML Thank You Pages – You control the message.
  • Automatic Redirect – Your visitor redirects to a website of your choice.
  • Download Page – Your visitor will be directed to a page to download your report.

 Step #8:

You Have Completed Your Squeeze Page

Your squeeze page is now completed and ready for you to start promoting.  You can continue editing the different aspects of your page such as the page content, your contact forms, your thank you pages and your autoresponder within the EZLeadCapture system.

This whole process takes less than 5 minutes to create your squeeze page and you can create fantastic looking squeeze pages for almost any niche you can think of.  We’d love for you to give the system a try!

[box color=”navy-vibrant” type=”square” icon=”pencil”]Carl Sorensen is the owner of  Our system provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with lead generation tools such as lead capture pages, squeeze pages and an autoresponder system they can use with their own websites and blogs.[/box]