When It Comes To Pillows, One
Does Not Fit All!

From Ben Pittman - Ergonomic Pillow Designer

October 9th, 2015

 Let me ask you a quick question!  If shoes came only in small, medium or large, would you be happy? How about only 3 sizes of bra? No!  How about dresses in only small, medium or large? 
Of course not!

Yet, what have pillow manufacturers offered us as comfort options?  Soft, Medium, Firm.  That's it!  Or, soft, hard, and harder, whichever way you want to say it.

Introducing The Amazing

"ABC Pillow System"

Did you know that it was the late 1930's before bra sizes came into being! Can you imagine having only three sizes of bra?  No, we can't either.  But, more importantly, we can't imagine sleeping on a pillow that is too thick, hard, thin, or soft.   Our unique method of determining thickness, which is the most important dimension of all, when looking for a pillow, took us 16 years to perfect. We design all of our pillows to have the same soft landing for your head, so there is no difference between one size or another.  

The ABC Pillow Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come!
It’s not just a PILLOW, it’s a whole SYSTEM designed to help you get the most important measurement just right for you.  We know from 16 years of research that if we can get the corrrect "thickness," we can offer more comfort and support than any other pillow selection. 


Go back to the first question and see if what we say makes sense - once again, would you be happy if shoes, dresses or bras only came in small, medium or large?  Same answer again - No! 

So, knowing that you spend roughly one third of your life with your head on your pillow, why should you be happy with a pillow that only comes in soft, medium or firm?  Especially when there is no industry standard for what soft, medium or firm really means!  The entire pillow industry has tried for decades to solve the "correct pillow thickness" challenge and at Pittman Pillow, we did it! 

OK, How Did We Do It And How Is The ABC Pillow Different?  
Good Questions!

First things first, why does the pillow thickness matter so much anyway? Well, we have over twenty (20) muscles in our neck area that must balance our head like a ball weighing about eleven pounds (11), more or less, without the help of a lot of bone (skeleton).  In essence, the muscles must handle all the balance and movement necessary to keep this constantly moving, twisting, turning ball stable and mobile. 

The neck muscles are very sensitive to the slightest amount of unnatural stretching or crimping over a period of even a few minutes or so (when was the last time you had a crick in your neck).  So, when we sleep, if you are in any way, unnaturally stretching or crimping your neck muscles, what do you get?  Headaches, sore neck, sore back, insomnia and many other ailments, not to mention poor rest.
A good sleeping pillow supports the neck in such a manner that it is parallel with the sleep surface, without stretching or crimping the neck. And, we want to do this without having to sleep on our arm, bunching the pillow or all the other unnatural things that people do to make their pillow work.  Or, without having to resort to a hard surface pillow that may work but probably will not work, unless it is exactly the right thickness. 

Since there are several basic shoulder widths, we had to have a way to easily and quickly distinquish one body type
from another.  That's when we came up with a way to get an accurate measurement from ear to shoulder ball. 

Why is it important to get a good measurement from ear to shoulder?  When you realize that 75% of us sleep about 75% of the time on our side, it made perfect sense to design a "pillow system" to account for individual shoulder widths, just like shoes, bras, and dresses by measuring from the ear to shoulder to predict proper pillow thickness. 

Then, it hit us - why not use dress size for a woman and jacket size for a man to get this measurement.  Wow, we had it and that's when it all began to fall into place.  We can predict the correct thickness for a pillow by knowing dress size or jacket size.  Then, using this idea, we engineered the ABC pillows to match this sizing system.

Our development and research has always centered around one thing, matching the correct pillow thickness to the correct body style.  All human bodies are different, especially the width of the shoulder.  That's why we created the Pittman Pillow Chart to easily and quickly determine the correct thickness of pillow for you. There is no other sizing chart like it in the world and never has been!
Sizing Is Simple!

"All You Do Is Choose Your Pillow Size Based On
Your Dress Size Or Your Jacket Size"

Let's hear what a few of our users have to say
about the ABC pillow!

Why Did I Create The ABC Pillow?

Ok, Let's Examine A Few Main Features!

Our Materials and Manufacturing Methods
Are Second To None

 Because of our strict manufacturing tolerances, only a few manufacturers in the world can even produce our products.  Most pillows are made on a high volume assembly line.  Not the ABC pillow.  Each cover is hand stitched right here in America and carefully filled to such strict tolerances, special machinery that only exists in a few US companies can manufacture our products. 

Better Head and Shoulder Support From Our
Proprietary "Curvicare" (tm)  Shape Technology


Most pillows are plain rectangular shapes. ABC Therapeutic Pillows feature a "computerized curve" sewn into the sides. This allows the sleeper to rest their head closer to the center of the pillow. The result: more support for the head, neck and shoulders, leading to increased comfort and a more rested feeling in the morning.

Pillow Bounces Back Better With
Proprietary "Cervicare" (tm) Design
The pillow starts with a proprietary filling of hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial "Faux Down" (Magic Fill), which is similar to Dupont Comforel.  Other loose-filled pillows use linear polyester that will quickly lose its loft and resiliency. ABC Magic Fill's "puff ball” internal tension leads the industry in “fill memory,” returning your pillow more swiftly to its original size during and after use. Precisely weighed fill (measured plus or minus half an ounce) results in exact density for better support and comfort.

Each Pillow Is Built To Fit You Thanks To The
Pittman Pillow Sizing System
The ABC Pillow comes in 4 different sizes for men and women – each size is precisely calculated based upon the distance between the ear and shoulder blade. Selection is easy! Pillow sizes are correlated to suit or dress size. See our chart above to select your size.
Many people search for just the “right” pillow. Until now, there has been no standard for pillows. Pillows are totally merchandised to compete for shelf space.  So, when it comes times to replace it, it is almot impossible to find the “right” pillow again – even if you go to the same store with same brand, same style - same everything!

Pittman Pillow’s strict manufacturing standard enables you to order your
replacementABC pillow, EXACTLY like the first one, every time.

Let's Summarize A Few Benefits

"Remember, the ABC Pillow is not just a pillow.
It’s a system!"
Thanks to our benefits, you’ll have more comfortable rest when you sleep on the Therapeutic ABC Pillow:
Magic Fill (Faux Down): proprietary hypo-allergenic, antibacterial puff ball fill.
Cervicare Standards: result in precise fill for better support.
Curvicare Structure: offers better shoulder and head support.
Scientific Sizing: which is correlated to distance between ear and shoulder blade and linked to clothing size.
Personalized Sleeping Experience: thanks to the Pittman Pillow Sizing System
Consistency: when you want to reorder – always the Same ABC Pillow. 
Like we often say, "if it's not a Pittman, it's not a pillow!"
How To Purchase!
Designer pillows without the technology and benefits of ABC Pillows can easily cost over one hundred dollars!  
At just $54.95 for the Standard and $69.95 for the Jumbo
 …the price is surprisingly reasonable and affordable.

The ABC Pillow is available in two (2) Styles: Standard & Jumbo
Determine Your Size (A-B-C-D) From The Chart
Then Click On A Link Below To Purchase!
STANDARD - 20 Inches Wide by 26 Inches Long (20" x 26")

Standard Style "A" - $ 54.95 Buy Now

Standard Style "B" -$ 54.95 Buy Now

Standard Style "C" -$ 54.95 Buy Now

Standard Style "D" -$ 54.95 Buy Now

JUMBO - 20 Inches Wide by 28 Inches Long (20" x 28")

Jumbo Style "A" -$ 69.95 Buy Now

Jumbo Style "B" -$ 69.95 Buy Now

Jumbo Style "C" -$ 69.95 Buy Now

  Jumbo Style "D" -$ 69.95 Buy Now  

Cover is hand sewn 230 Thread Count Luxury Fabric.
Our pillows are washable as often as desired. 
We will also teach you how to "toast"
your pillow for longer service.
(Sorry, we do not carry Queen or King styles.)

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