Mobile Friendly Squeeze Pages

Mobile Friendly Squeeze Pages

Mobile friendly squeeze pages and lead capture pages are now an important part of any direct marketing or lead generation campaign.  With mobile and hand-held Internet usage rapidly on the rise it’s important that small business owners and entrepreneurs know how to setup mobile friendly squeeze pages to promote their offers.

This mobile trend doesn’t mean you need to rush out and spend mega-bucks having some flashy custom mobile squeeze  page designed either.  If you start with the right squeeze page builder to begin with, they will already provide squeeze page designs that are sized appropriately to render on mobile and hand-held devices.

EZLeadCapture provides a simple squeeze page builder that lets you crank out great looking mobile squeeze pages fast.  Like less than 3 minutes each fast!

Important Aspects Of Mobile Squeeze Page Design:

Squeeze Page Size and Dimensions

It’s important your squeeze page be within the proper size recommendations to render properly on a mobile device.  Traditionally squeeze pages and lead capture pages used to run a 2 column layout.  With your important content such as videos and important benefits and features on the left hand side and then usually an optin form on the right hand side.  With the narrower screens of hand-helds and mobile phones your typical squeeze page or lead capture page no longer looks very appealing to a web visitor and will look very cluttered and confusing.

Simplify Your Squeeze Page Marketing Message

If you want a mobile friendly squeeze page there is little point in having a long drawn out marketing pitch or message.  Get right to the point.  Your mobile squeeze page needs nothing more than a strong benefit-driven headline, maybe one or two sentences of supporting text and then your optin form.  The decision for your prospect needs to be greatly simplified for them.  Think about asking your prospect a Yes or No question.

Mobile Friendly Squeeze Page Example
 (mobile friendly squeeze page with a simple message and full size relevant background image)

They either want to earn $100 a day or they don’t.  If they do they are going to give you their name and email address you can bet on that. If they don’t care or are not interested then they will disappear and we won’t hear from them ever again.  You’ve made the marketing message as simple and as short as it can possibly be.  By simplifying your marketing message and reducing any friction in your marketing funnel you’ll start seeing your conversions increase.

[box color=”green-mute” type=”square” icon=”lightbulb”]*Tip - On the example above you’ll notice we’re asking for a name and an email address.  Many marketers now are actually dropping the first name field and only asking their prospects for their email because that is really all they are after in the first place.  If you don’t absolutely need their name then consider just asking for their email as well.  The mobile squeeze page asking for name and email has 50% more questions to answer then the mobile squeeze page that is only asking for an email.[/box]

Squeeze Page Graphics and Images

When you are targetting mobile phone users it’s important not to selfishly hog their precious bandwidth.  Not everyone has an unlimited data plan and the last thing they want is to give their bandwidth to you while they listen to your marketing pitch.  Although it goes against many aspects of conversion based web design you really need to strip down your mobile squeeze page so it’s not graphically heavy.  Even trying to stream a YouTube video from the squeeze page can cause issues for your visitors, even moreso if they are trying to access your page on public wifi that may or may not have video streaming blocked.

Big and Bold Squeeze Page Contact Forms

A big. bold contact form with large data entry fields and large fonts will make it easier for your potential prospect to enter their details into your form.  This is a mobile squeeze page design aspect that should not be overlooked because it affects the usability of your page.  Having the larger form fields and larger fonts will make it easier for your prospect to use their touch screen to enter their data.

Mobile Friendly Squeeze Page Contact Form

If you need an easy-to-use solution that will help you setup and deploy mobile friendly squeeze pages fast then you need to take a closer look at EZLeadCapture.Com  our new quick page builder will help you build mobile friendly squeeze page templates fast.

[box color=”blue-mute” type=”square” icon=”pencil”]Carl Sorensen is the owner of a squeeze page solution that helps small business owners build their lead generation campaigns pages fast.  Started in 2004 EZLeadCapture has now helped over 5000 small business owners and entrepreneurs generate over 1.7 million real-time leads for their services, products and opportunities.[/box]