“Dear Carl, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with EZLeadCapture! It has literally exploded my business. I truthfully believe that much of my success is directly related to the fact that I have a well-designed, engaging capture page that creates curiosity in my prospects! Thank you for such a wonderful system.”
Jessica Swanson

“Hi Carl, It’s Jen, and I wanted to tell you I LOVE your webpages. I think that what you’ve created by having over 160 websites at the price it is- is a GREAT deal! You CAN’T get that price ANYWHERE else! (that I know of) All of the personal online training with your videos to show us what we can do with your webpages is awesome, because I had NO idea what I was doing with a webpage, and you explain how to design and add create them so it’s wonderful, and I’ll have lot’s of people joining too, because I love it!”

Sincerly, Jen

“Carl, I am a Health Researcher and have been looking for a simple way to get my information out to large numbers of people. I set up one of your capture pages, then I started advertising on Google using the keywords “Natural Cancer Cure” and right away I started getting hundreds of people hitting my website and requesting my Free Reports. I loaded my reports in your autoresponder, which has taken all of the work out of my project. I am thrilled at how simple your system is and what a good job it is doing! There is no way I could have followed up with this many people by myself.”

Thanks again, John Austin

“EZLeadCapture is very simple to use. The tutorials answer all your questions and within a very short time, you have your capture page up and active. I had never done this before and I am grateful that I made this tool part of my business. Thank You Carl,”

Russ McElroy

“Hi Carl, Simon here from the UK . I have been a full time internet marketer & business owner now for over 10 years and in all my time I have never come across a lead capture system & service that is so powerful and most important so easy to use and understand. I have been using EZLeadcapture now for well over 18 months and in that time the pages that I have created with EZLeadCapture have created tens of thousands of leads & well over $300,000 of online business revenue!

What I like so much about EZLeadCapture is the custom banner design work that you did for me that many of my customers have complimented on, the very easy and quick time it takes to tweek and update your web pages WITHOUT any FTP and technicle know how whatsoever! I now recommend your lead capture pages & your services to all of my customers and team members worldwide and I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding & low cost service.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Simon Stepsys
Success Coach, Trainer, Internet Marketer & Entrepreneur

“It is vital to retain strong links with any prospects we might have.  Eevne though the click through rate is lower when an opt in form is presented, the actual number of signups we get is higher because we are able to maintain communication.  Carl has done a brilliant job and this is highly recommended”

Shaun Baird

“Having made over two million from home I have always payed programmers to build my lead capture pages because I could not figure it out. Thanks to EZ LeadCapture I am cranking out lead capture pages in minutes saving me thousands of dollars…AND have them pulling in leads in hours. Thanks for the simplicity! If you can type you can do this… “

Bob Anderson

“Thank you Ezlead for helping me to transit into internet marketing.  You have taught me so much so easily ehich has made my confidence in my ability to tackle the technicalities.  I think I am now on my way.  Thanks again “

Peter CJ Green

“I have used a lot of lead capture page services during my marketing career and I can honestly say that your service is the absolute best !!! “

Dave Beaman

“Hi Carl It’s Mike Ferguson here from the UK. I’m fairly new to internet marketing but I have to say having tried other programs I am so relieved to have found yours.

It is easy to use and understand. Any queries have been answered quickly and concisely. I will certainly be advising my team and future sign ups to use your system. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”


“Hi Carl~ I do like the new additions to your system.  It is much more user friendly for us “dummies”. 

Thanks, Linda H.
Bradenton, Fl.USA

“Carl, I have been with you for several months now and your service has been flawless.  I recommend EZ Lead Capture to my downline and on my blogs and websites.”

Michael Puskas

“You know really an autoresponder is a staple in any online or internet marketers tool bag.  Every site I visit enfores it.  This is one of the easiest ones I have ever used.  The flexability is the best I have seen.  I have used a lot and most were just more complicaed than they needed to be.”

Rich Lang, Texas

“Just wanted to leave a note saying I really like your system, it helps me on doing multiple businesses and even one for my kids!”

Loren Alves

“You rock Carl, You are the best in the business at what you do!”

Bob Gallo
Director Agel Enterprises

Hi Carl, I just wanted to thank you for putting this terrific system together. I am using it now exclusively for my lead generation campaigns and I’m seeing fantastic results.  It’s user friendly and by far the best $100 I’ve spent in a long time. The price increase shouldn’t scare people away. Maybe you should charge more so people appreciate the value in it. Business is booming thanks to EZLeadCapture. Thanks again Carl,your hard work and dedication makes it easy for the rest of us and I appreciate it!

George Fisher

“Thanks Carl, your system is ideal for me due to the ease of use combined with the unlimited possibilities with regard to design.  I also love the built in autoresponder that is a snap to set up.  With the autoresponder I am able to track my campaigns to determine which sites, articles or ads are successful.  Great job, thanks for sincerely caring about our success. “

Greg and Pam Campbell

“Hi Carl, I believe for the value you can’t go wrong with ezlead capture. Great design pages! Thank you!”

John R

“This capture page system is fantastic. I din’t think we would get much of a response but when you least expect it someone visits your page and leaves their details. It’s easy to set up, manage and maintain. I would recommend ezlead to anyone who doesn’t want the hassle and cost of setting up a traditional website. Well done”

Linda Walker

Hi Carl,

I just want to let you know that the work you have done for me has been first class, also the after care which is so important is fantastic.

Thanks for all your help.

Rob Norris

“Your service is always great! High quality for a reasonable investment.  Thanks Carl!”


“Carl, I sincerely appreciate your support and the ease of your entire site and system.”

John Stillwell

“Simply a great service Carl.  YOu rock.”

Jim Ryan

“WOW!  I am very impressed, Carl.  I have never created a capture page before, but knew that if I wanted to be successful I needed to learn.  Your website is incredibly easy to use.  The tutorials make learning a piece of cake.  I thank you for providing a great assest to all online business owners!”

Saundra Meyer t

“Great Job!  This system really made things easy for me.  Anyone looking for a simple way to create profesional looking capture pages this is it!”

Cody Wass

“Carl, Thank you so much for creating my custom ezlead capture page. I have only been using your system for a little over a week now and was able to generate over 300 quality opt in prospects! By the end of next month I will have to hire a full time telemarketer justto follow up on all the leads I have. This is a great simple to use system and a must have for ANYONE wanting to start on online business.”

Peter Brown

“Thanks again for going out of your way to get my capture page set up Carl. Its everything I had hoped for and then some! I highly recomend you to all of my team members. I know I can count on you.”

Daniel Palleschi

“Dear Carl, I can honestly say that your EZLeadCapture System is one of the best tools I’ve used for building my business.

I think you give a lot of value for the $97 a year (which is only like $8 per month!)

Here are a few reasons why I like EZLeadCapture so much:

1. I love the fact that we can create UNLIMITED lead capture pages.

This feature alone is invaluable. It allows me to create different splash pages for different advertising campaigns that I may have going at the same time, thus allowing me to track my ads.

2. Each splash page comes with an autoresponder. I love the fact that I can create UNLIMITED autoresponder messages if I so desire.

3. Your system is really easy to use and the pages are created automatically. I don’t have to worry about uploading my pages onto a server or hosting account. Just point my URL to your system.

4. I don’t remember a ‘down time’, except when you were switching servers at 12 midnight for a few weeks. I’ve never had a problem with your system crashing or anything.

5. I like the fact that you have an affiliate program too!

Thanks a lot for this great tool. I think you have a great system here and I’ll be using it for a long, long time!”

Lydia De Leon

“Great job with your splash pages. They are easy to use and the system is awesome. So glad that I found your site and acted immediately on the purchase.”

Judy LaMont

“My name is Tatyana. I have been with Carl Sorensen services for over a year. My candle home business has been built with using Carl lead capture pages. So thank you!”

Tatyana G.

“We just wanted to say a big thank you to you Carl. EZLeadCapture is a great tool and has really skyrocketed our business. We love the fact that we can sort out the quality prospects from the “tyre-kickers”. We love it that it has the ability to not only capture the persons details but also create an autoresponder series that draws the prospect back to our opportunity. And our personal favourite is that you can actually see how each prospect came to your page which makes marketing a lot more effective. Thanks again Carl and the team at EZLeadCapture! “

Jonathan Peacock and Anthony Carey

“Hi Carl, Thanks for providing such an easy system for creating capture pages and a price you can’t beat. I recommend EZ LeadCapture to all my downline. Also, thank you for your continued support of the network marketing industry.

Mark Molina

“Thanks Carl, I have been using this capture system for about 4 months now & my sales have increased by over 50%. I also was able to place in the top 2 for enrolling prospects for the last 3 months. In turn this has added bonuses over $1500.00 dollars to my monthly commission checks. I have this recomended to everyone. Carl was absolutely most helpful in helping me getting set up with the personelization of my site for our team. “

Thanks A Million
Wendy Crowell

“Carl has been a tremendous asset to me in building my online marketing efforts. He has brought all of the systems needed under 1 umbrella so it’s extremely easy to get things set up. I generated 140 leads in 3 days with one of the custom sites that he built for me! The online tools are very user friendly and easy to use. I sincerely appreciate all the ongoing improvements and customer service. Thanks Carl :)”

Phil DiMartino

“I have always received excellent service and superior products from Carl. His knowledge of the industry surpasses many would-be gurus but unlike them, he doesn’t talk down to you or make you feel like an
idiot when you ask him a question. It’s clear to me that Carl truly enjoys helping others succeed.

So the bottom line is you have two options:

Option #1: Pay three times as much for a mediocre lead capture page alone (i.e., no autoresponder, tracking statistics, or audio) from a company that treats you like you’re a nuisance.

Option #2: Sign up for Carl’s integrated lead capture *system* at a fraction of the other company’s prices; be treated like a respected colleague; and start talking with quality prospects who are interested in your opportunity.”

~ Dr. Mark Worthen

“Hey Carl, Your site has every tool that I need to run my business. I am a raving fan about the upgrades and the level of service you provide. I especially like having all those tools in one spot

-Audio Generator
-Popup Maker
-Form Builder
-Page Rotator

AHHHH, so many tools all in one place. I’ve spent well over the cost of your Custom Membership buying all the tools you provided. Thank you for your integrity and your continuous efforts to provide the best customer service on the net. 1 ring and you answer. If you EVER need anything, I am here for you like you have been for me.”

Jonathan Finley

“Hey Folks, Ez Lead Capture is awsome! I love it! Where else can you get an all-in-one deal like this? I love logging into my back office everyday and seeing all the hits I’m getting to my site and where they are coming from. I’m not very organized, If I had to keep track of all my prospects on my own it would a complete nightmare. Thanks for everything Carl!”

Marc Wilson

“Thank you Carl! You services and customize lead capture site package is a must for anyone that’s serious about taking there internet marketing campaigns to the next level. We are really excited and more than satisfied with your fast, creative, and professional approach with our customized lead capture website!”

Sommano Sivongsay

“Carl, The capture page you created looks good. I appreciate the extra work you did. When I sent you the planned follow-up auto-responses that was just for info. I was not expecting you to input them. But you did and I particularly appreciate the extra effort. I will probably want to talk with you soon about possibly adding PayPal as an option. Thanks again,”

Robert Allen
(not the no-money down R.A.)

“I purchased a custom landing page from Carl several months ago and I have found it to be very easy for me to design and change as I wish. The videos are great and I have used them to cut my learning curve even more.

Getting things started was easy for me. I sent some information and a picture to Carl and from there he designed an attractive custom banner for the top of the page. It was designed specifically for me. I use this landing page to introduce my nutritional products and to provide personal information. I also have appropriate links, both generic and corporate, that take the reader beyond my capture page.

To promote my site, I use low cost postcards made on a copy machine. The postcards are mailed to personal contacts or randomly left at appropriate places. The landing page becomes invaluable here because I only have to give out one website address. From there the reader can move to other sites for more information.

Most of those who come to my webpage are people that I have contacted first in some way, and I get quite a few of those prospects on my page. However, within the past 60 days I have had four unexpected business builders come to my site and complete their name and phone number. I immediately contacted them and both have signed under me. Since then they have proven that they are strong business builders. That was exciting.

I know there are two schools of thought here, but I don’t believe in hiding behind my website or email. I have found it to be in my best interest to be open on the information I provide. Thank you Carl for such a good service at such a reasonable cost.”

Peter MacInnes

Carl, This is Chuck Richards and I want to thank you for the EZ Lead Capture page service. What you have done for me goes beyond measure, for example: in the month of August my campaign got started, and in that month 1014 people clicked on my site, 102 filled out the survey, and I had 20 new signups in my business. Wow, is the first word to come to mind for the phenomenal job you have done for me. I have a few more jobs coming up that I only trust you to handle.”

Hi Carl, This is Howe, I really appreciate your fantastic service in providing me with the “Mentors in Motion” Lead Capture Page. The results has been fabulous, and i mean it. These must have been the highest quality leads i have ever come across. Just 2 weeks with little effort i have converted 3 of the 17 leads that came through this webpage to my business. And out of the 17 leads, 12 of them actually agreed to get on the conference call. I must say WOW!!! it has never been so easy getting people to my business. And before i forget, i just saw your new system and the back office, got to give it to you man its beautiful. Are you sure you going to charge less than $9 a month for all those? You are too cruel Carl, you are gonna kill all your competitions:)”

“Carl, I just wanted to let you know that I love the website and I am having great results with it.  Thank you for your hard work and patience. I will recommend you to all my friends and associates.”

“I purchased a lead capture site from Carl and have had GREAT results! In fact, there have been times that I have actually paused my ad campaign because I have received more leads that I can possibly call! This has given me the ability to support my group by supplying them with exclusive leads that I have generated with NO middle-man!” Ron Maurer,

“Carl Sorensen has been managing my Google campaign for 4 months. I studied all the courses and tried to do it myself. I am so fortunate to have made the decision to retain Carl’s services as my consultant. Since that time my Google costs are very low while my return on investment is astronomical. Being in the direct sales industry I had a $10,000 day and consistently earn $1,000 per day and all I do is Google ad words. No other lead source is necessary. A word of caution; do not attempt to do this campaign yourself; Carl Sorensen is the King of ad word management. Thank you Carl very very much. 

Gratefully, Donnie D.

“Thanks Carl for creating a lead capture page for my program.  I spent several hours trying to create one myself but just couldn’t seem to get it right.  After only four weeks of using your page I have made nearly $1500 in sales.  Best of all I have captured hundreds of leads for my own private mailing list.”  

Mike Mazzella

I have to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful splash page that you designed for me! You sent me the link for my active page the day after I paid my $35.00 fee which absolutely amazed me. I didn’t expect it so quickly. I have had great success and more responses than I expected. I asked for a few changes and you made them almost immediately. I couldn’t ask for better service! I have had leads from my page that have asked where I had it made and how much it costs.  I hope you don’t mind me referring people to you, Carl!” 

Karleen S. BC, Canada.  

I would just like to take a few moments to let you know that I am a real novice when it comes to the computer, web sites, and Promoting a Business.. Carl in my opinion has what it takes when it comes to service. This is somewhat refreshing in today’s world after we pay our money we find it difficult to receive any type of services. Carl will take his time to answer any and all of your questions. I recommend without hesitation Carl and” Robert Jones, Amelia Va. USA

Carl Sorensen has definitely enlightened me in the way to advertise my affiliate programs on the Net. Advertising on the Internet can be very confusing and costly.  His advice to utilize a “Lead Capture” page  has proven to me the way to go. By using this vehicle to market my service, I have been able to generate my own leads and also build my own personal contact data base.  Carl knows what you want and he is prompt in the design and delivery of your Capture page. His charge of only $35.00 a year that includes web hosting is certainly a bargain. I highly recommend him for any of your promotional needs.”  Bob Jarrett. North Carolina, USA.  

“I couldn’t believe that I could get a quality website for $35!  Carl’s service is the best on the Internet!  If you are building an online business I highly recommend EZLeadCapture you will not regret it!” 
Barry Coleman.  Pittsburg, KS

Just to say that I am very pleased with my Lead Capture Page.  I’m getting more leads every day now than I’ve ever had
before.  Carl returned my Page on the same day that I applied and as I was so skeptical he even offered me a week to try it out before I paid.  At just $35 a year this is a Really Great bargain and I will certainly be recommending Carl to all my friends, colleagues and affiliates.
Marian Stead  (mazza)  Northampton; England

Listen…this is for anyone out there that is sick and tired of LOOKING around for a company/someone to build you or offer you a landing/capture page….if this is you, in my humble opinion you can literally stop looking. Carl is “da-man”….yes, he is good at what he does, takes his work and your business interests to heart and is professional in all that he does. I was so glad to see that upon finding ezleadcapture that there was a number to call and not only that but a “live” person to talk to.  In fact, not only a “person” but the owner, the big boss himself, live and in color ready to assist.  Well, beyond all that, he designed a landing page specific to our needs, that is great…one that I was very glad to see done. Which BTW was timely I should add.  I can go on and on, but suffice it to say, this is where you need to hang your hat and enjoy the stay, Carl does great work and the pricing CAN’T be beat on the planet.

Dennis,  California

Thanks for all you do,
Chuck R.