Why A Double Opt-in Autoresponder Works Best

Double Opt-in Autoresponder System for Lead Capture Pages.

You, just like everyone else these days, probably receive a ton of email you don’t want or don’t ever remember requesting to begin with.  For this reason alone Double Opt-in or Confirmed Opt-in has become one of the “standard” best practices for reputable email senders.

If you’re advertising and promoting a lead capture page or squeeze page to build your mailing list then an autoresponder that supports Double Opt-in or Confirmed Opt-in should be high on your list of tools to acquire.

What Is A Double Opt-In or Confirmed Opt-In?

That’s a good question and not everybody knows or understands how this process works.  I’ll explain it as simply as I can.  A Double Opt-In autoresponder form or lead capture form will capture your potential prospects data and then immediately send a confirmation email (with a link inside) to the email address they specified.

Your potential prospect will then need to open the email that was sent to them and click the link inside (their confirmation link) in order to be added to your mailing list.

This Accomplishes THREE (3) Very Important Things:

#1.  It establishes that this person does in fact own and has access to this email account.  (if not anyone could sign you up for any mailing list without your consent!)

#2.  It establishes a relationship with our prospects in that they have expressed an interest (and given us permission) to send them emails related to our offer.

 #3. It establishes you as a reputable email sender and increases the likelihood that your email will be delivered to your recipients inbox as opposed to their junk folder.

EZLeadCapture includes a Double Opt-in or Confirmed Opt-in autoresponder with our lead capture page system.  This means you can quickly implement a permission based email marketing campaign for any advertisement or promotion you might be running.  You can even put our Double Opt-in lead capture forms on your own website or blog.

Why Double Opt-In Works The Best

It works the best because it’s the right way to email, period.  Many marketers used to scoff at the Double Opt-in process as an unnecessary conversion killing “extra step” in the sales process.  And that’s partially true.  It is an extra step your visitor needs to take in order to be on your list.  However, most marketers would also rather send their email out to 100 people who’ve requested it (and confirmed) then to 1,000 hotmail, aol and msn addresses that didn’t confirm ownership.

It boils down to server resources and response rates from your campaigns.  Dirty mailing lists waste server bandwidth (delivering to failed addresses) and don’t produce anywhere near the results if you are trying to promote or advertise other opportunities, services or affiliate products.  The cleaner your list is, the more valuable of an asset it becomes as it grows in size.

If you’re building your own mailing list then a Double Opt-in lead capture method is something you need to setup sooner than later.

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